November 15, 2021
General News

Sports, politics shouldn’t be mixed, India-Pak World T20 game should go ahead: Padukone

Badminton great Prakash Padukone said Sunday’s T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan should take place, despite the prevailing tensions between the two countries and the calls to cancel the game.

While insisting that he was ‘no authority’ and ‘nobody to comment’, Padukone said sports and politics should not be mixed. “I personally feel sports should not be mixed with politics and it should go ahead, that is my personal opinion, whether it happens or not, I am no authority, I am nobody to comment,” Padukone said. “But if you ask my personal opinion, I think the match should go ahead, they have played in the past, so many times, so this is no different.”

The match, scheduled to take place on October 24, has become a point of contention after politicians from BJP and AAP called for the game to be cancelled in the wake of the recent killings of civilians by…

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