November 15, 2021
General News

State recommends $15M to help affordable housing projects | 406 Politics

Gianforte approved $15 million for the program, which his administration estimated would issue bonuses to a possible 12,000 workers.

Use of the program so far has been less than he expected and processing applications has taken longer than expected, said Scott Eychner, the administrator of the Workforce Services Division of the state Department of Labor and Industry, on Thursday. He said his department has increased the number of people working on the program from two to nine to speed things up, as well as tweaked applications to gather more information initially. 

“I will tell you, personally, that it has been a little bit slower than we expected, than I expected to see, the uptake,” Eychner said.

He said he expected to clear the backlog of roughly 1,200 applications that need processed by Sept. 8, the commission’s next meeting, and have distributed more of the funding.

“In a perfect…

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