November 17, 2021
General News

State workers’ next checks will include 5% raises | Govt-and-politics

The state employee raises took effect on June 10, the first day of the pay period, but the money will show up in their checks on Thursday.

For teachers to get the full 5% raise the state approved, their local school divisions will have to match it over the two-year period that began a year ago. Locally, Henrico went beyond the state this year with a 7% raise, followed by 5.5% in Chesterfield, 4.5% in Hanover and 3% in Richmond.

The state employed 106,715 workers full time last year and 18,634 part time, including adjunct college faculty, or about 7,900 fewer than the previous year. Virginia officials and lawmakers continue to look for ways to recruit and retain employees for state jobs in the face of retirement, private sector competition and a generational change in worker attitudes.

“We’ve got an aging work force,” said Bishop at the state employee association. “So we’ve got to do…

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