September 24, 2021

Stock market: How to deal with uncertainty in the stock market? Just diversify

The one-day cricket match between England and New Zealand in 2019 will go down as one of the finest one-day matches in cricket history. Did England deserve the victory based on their talent? Yes, they deserved it. But were they lucky on the given day? Extremely Lucky.

In football, England lost the 2021 Euro cup Final to Italy 3 – 2 on penalties. That’s the other side of luck.

Success is an interplay between skill and luck. The famous book “Stay hungry Stay foolish” written by Indian author Rashmi Bansal covers inspiring, successful stories of Indian entrepreneurs. It is important to read these stories as they give hope to invest in business to create wealth. But taking a risk can have two outcomes. Success & failure.

The problem is nobody writes a book titled “Stayed Hungry Died Hungry”. A story about entrepreneurs who failed.

Stories are written by kings who succeed. And…

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