November 16, 2021

Stocks That Are Going Up This Week

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While many investors seek to buy at the lowest point possible, others are looking for stocks that are going up. You see, just because a stock has already started to go up, does not mean that you’ve missed your opportunity to buy. Quite the contrary. Many times, an uptick in share price may be the start of a long bull run that may continue for years to come.

Stocks That Are Going Up This Week

The following list of stocks represent at least five days of consecutive price advances.

Knowbe4 Inc (NASDAQ: KNBE)

5-Day Change: +51.12%
5-Day High: 30.64
5-Day Low: 19.19

First on our list of stocks that are going up is Knowbe4. The cybersecurity company has been bullish since the company went public back in April of this year. Over the past few months, many…

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