October 20, 2021

Storm Lake Police Reminds Residents to Beware of Scammers ; Tips for Handling Such Instances

The Storm Lake Police Department reminds residents that scammers are still very active in the area, and residents should remain vigilant when receiving suspicious phone calls, texts, emails, and messages through social media sites.

Throughout the last year, Storm Lake residents have fallen victim to numerous scams that can be financially devastating. Some of the most common scenarios used by scammers include…

➜Arrest/Court Scams (Scammers pose as law enforcement or court officials demanding money)

➜IRS Scams (Scammers pose as IRS agents, demand personal information)

➜Utility Scams (Scammers pretend to be with a local utility company – claim unpaid bills or need updated information on customer)

➜Sweepstakes/Lottery Scams (Scammers claim victim won money, need to pay taxes or fees to have money released)

➜Grandparent Scams (Scammers pretend to be grandkids or family member in trouble with the law, need money to…

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