September 17, 2021
General News

Struan Stevenson: The SNP must be living in Scot-la-la-land

MOTIONS tabled for debate at the SNP’s party conference prove that independence supporters inhabit some sort of fantasy Scot-la-la-land, where economic reality is allowed to stand on its head. Motions that promise an independence campaign that puts “recovery at its heart” and claim that self-determination is “essential” for post-pandemic resurgence, top a make-believe list that would leave Harry Potter scratching his head in wonder.

With other motions that call for a hard border between Scotland and England and the complete removal of Trident within three years of independence, the dream-world politics of the Nats is writ large. We are facing the biggest economic crisis that we have experienced in 300 years as we struggle out of a (hopefully) once in a century pandemic. Yet all the SNP government can focus on is holding another referendum on independence. Their…

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