November 17, 2021
General News

Summer books of 2021: Politics

The Frontlines of Peace: An Insider’s Guide to Changing the World
by Severine Autesserre, Oxford University Press £18.99

A deeply sceptical account of the shortcomings of international peacekeeping operations — which highlights the way that peacekeepers are often cut off from the areas they operate in, with their operations hamstrung by a lack of local knowledge and empathy. The book is enlivened by startling reportage from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti and elsewhere.

When America Stopped Being Great: A History of the Present
by Nick Bryant, Bloomsbury £25

Bryant argues that the Trump presidency was not an aberration but the logical culmination of decades of negative social and political trends. As a BBC reporter with an academic background in US politics, he provides a good mix of reportage and…

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