June 22, 2021
General News

Sunburn — The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics — 5.6.21

Let’s start the morning with some great news about two really good people:

Aly is a vice president of Accounts with On3PR, while Omar is deputy chief of staff to Speaker Chris Sprowls.


@NickConfessore: The fact that this private corporate administrative decision is being covered as something akin to a Supreme Court ruling — rightly so, I think — is the best illustration I can imagine of the sheer power Facebook has achieved over the public square

@BostonJoan: Imagine spending millions to offload blame only to have it returned like a bill lost in the mail, which is now overdue.

@JakeTapper: Plenty of arguments to make about Facebook’s decisions, but this now-common response of “I don’t like what this private company did, so our public officials should use their government powers to punish them” is an interesting philosophical…

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