September 17, 2021
Real Estate

SWFL real estate market attacked by thieves trying to steal and sell land

Cape coral

A growing problem in the hot real estate market in southwestern Florida is that thieves step up to steal and sell land that isn’t theirs.

It almost happened to realtor Peter Davis.

“We were doing everything by email at that point,” says Davis.

It’s a recipe for property fraud. Get one person who claims to be a foreign landowner, several phone calls, many emails, and thousands of dollars.

“I sent him a listing agreement at a recommended price of $ 169,000, and he signed the listing agreement and said he thought the price was okay,” Davis said.

Davis said it looked like any other list at first.

“He said he found me on Zillow,” Davis said, adding that it wasn’t uncommon.

Davis got to work and advertised the property for sale.

“A couple from Miami wanted to call me, see it online and make an offer,” Davis said.

The couple donated $ 150,000 to Cape…

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