October 20, 2021
General News

Syria’s predictable polls: A pledge of ‘allegiance’ to Assad

President Bashar Assad, whose family has ruled Syria for over half a century, faces an election Wednesday meant to cement his image as the only hope for recovery in the war-battered country, analysts say.

His campaign slogan, “Hope through Work,” evokes the reconstruction of a country ravaged by a decadelong conflict that has claimed more than 388,000 lives and displaced half of Syria’s pre-war population.

In the capital, Damascus, Assad’s portraits line roads and inundate main squares, outnumbering those of his two little-known challengers.

“Syrians will vote to pledge allegiance to Assad and to the system,” said analyst Fabrice Balanche.

By holding elections on a regular basis, Assad is attempting to prove “that Syrian institutions are functioning,” he said.

The poll, the second since the war started in 2011, is all but certain to deliver a fourth term…

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