October 20, 2021

System for unemployment benefits exposes digital divide — Scam Guards

DENVER (AP) — As a social worker with the Denver Public Library, part of Sonia Falcón’s job is to help people in East Denver use government services and benefits. But she’s never seen anything like the unemployment case that has consumed her work since February.

“I would say at minimum 10 hours a week,” Falcón explained. “It’s been significant.”

She’s spent all those hours helping one 66-year-old library patron, an out-of-work preschool teacher, with her unemployment benefits. They are trying to navigate the labor department’s new cybersecurity system, which is designed for smartphones and requires multiple forms of current government ID. The preschool teacher has neither.

“She often talks about the fact that her job really revolves around her ability to build relationships,” Falcón said, “and not necessarily with technology. “

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