November 17, 2021

Taking care of the dollars or controlling the blue in the middle of the campaign: Martín Guzmán’s dilemma after the end of the exchange truce

The exchange rate peace lasted most of the first semester but ended in June. The blue dollar woke up and hit highs for the last eight months, closing at $ 174 this Friday. So far this month, the parallel listing has totaled $ 17.

Although in the Government they avoid referring to the alternative dollar and downplay it, the Minister of Economy Martin Guzman highlighted in his last appearances that the exchange gap had decreased in recent months. In April, when the blue dollar was around $ 140, the difference against the wholesale exchange rate was approximately 51%. It is Friday, instead, that distance was expanded to 82%.

Government expected pressure on the parallel dollar in the second semester. The president of the central bank (BCRA), Miguel Pesce, he publicly acknowledged. November is likely to be a particularly difficult month because the drop in…

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