September 27, 2021
General News

Taliban’s rise in Afghanistan and what it means for Kashmir

There has been an endless debate as to what the Taliban victory in Afghanistan means for Kashmir. This debate is rooted in two reasons:

1) Kashmir is a hot spot in South Asia where a violent conflict has been raging for the past 31 years, which is attributed to Pakistan’s designs in the Muslim-majority region and 2) a spurt in the radicalism in the recent years.

This is considered an ideal scenario for the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan that can influence Kashmiri mindset. That is a very simple explanation of linking the Taliban and Kashmir situation. Though there are far wider and deeper issues involved in the whole scenario emerging in the Central Asian State and the way it is being viewed by the world at large.

Kashmir is a tiny spot amidst the grander scheme of regional dynamics, but it cannot be taken out of the larger picture. That too, when the Taliban has…

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