September 19, 2021

Tanzania’s Diverse Investment Models in the Capital Market Way to Go

Sometimes we work so hard… . like donkeys to make money. And our bodies get tired. We are young and the next day, we are old. Years seem to overrun as we grow older. By the time you reach 40 years, you realize there are things your bones cannot take any longer.

As you make money, it is important to make sure you think and make good on how your money can work for you.

They say make sure you work hard, and also let your money work hard for you. When you reach a point when your money is working for you it is what is called investments.

The best way for anyone to take charge of financial security is investing your money where you think you can grow your wealth and generate income ahead of retirement.

I think many Tanzanians know this and thus they love to invest. Unfortunately, at times, they have taken their money to the worst places, and the losses have been huge. One of the…

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