November 17, 2021

Tasmania has reached net zero and is powered by renewables

  • Tasmania is both at net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and gets 100% of its energy from renewable sources.
  • The island off Australia reached net zero in 2015, because its vast forests and landscapes store more carbon than the state emits.
  • In November 2020 it also became fully powered by renewable electricity, thanks to the island state’s wind and hydro-electricity projects.
  • Having reached these feats, Rupert Posner and Simon Graham from ClimateWorks Australia explore what’s next for the island’s green journey.

Getting to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and 100% renewable energy might seem the end game for climate action. But what if, like Tasmania, you’ve already ticked both those goals off your list?

Net-zero means emissions are still being generated, but they’re offset by the same amount elsewhere.

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