November 17, 2021

Tax Whistleblower — The Dos And Don’ts Of Filing A Form 211

             With the new administration calling for a significant increase in funding for the IRS -– many potential tax whistleblowers are considering whether they should now come forward and submit a Form 211 to the IRS.  The Form 211 is the path for submitting information (and requesting an award) to the IRS about individuals and businesses that are failing to pay federal tax.

             There is no question that the sun is shining on tax whistleblowers. The increase in IRS exam resources will certainly be helpful in ensuring that information from whistleblowers gets a hard look. In addition, the IRS will be under pressure to target its limited examination resources on individuals and businesses that are most likely to be noncompliant with their tax responsibilities. Information from tax whistleblowers has been shown to be an effective tool for helping the IRS to focus on bad actors and leave…

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