August 2, 2021

TCL looking at a smarter Smart TV as users push for more uses

“During this pandemic, due to lockdown and work from home, a lot has changed, in terms of not only the mindset, but also the way people use a Smart TV,” TCL Marketing Head Justin Zhong Qi said after the launch of the brands recently released its new C-series lineup of smart TVs. “In the near future, people can do more than just watch content on TV,” he added.

Qi said people will also now be looking at video calls, work meetings and more on the TV screen, also turning it into the hub for other smart devices.

He explained that the market for Smart TVs continues to be hit by the multiple waves of the pandemic in India. “April 2021 witnessed a 38 percent downward trend, compared to the same period of 2019,” he added.

The brand has three strategies to combat the situation. “The first is using the brand’s industrial capability, vertical integration capability…

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