October 20, 2021

Tech jobs for people who hate coding

I get it; coding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I myself am a failed computer scientist, having dabbled in coding while in college. While that experience means I can write one hell of an IF Statement in Excel, I stopped before experimenting with harder concepts. There is something about all the math and classical logic that was such a downer for me. I wish I had the patience to work through the blockage, but alas, I do not, and that is okay. 

Technology careers sometimes receive a bad rap because the culture has long portrayed tech workers as socially awkward people sitting behind a screen crunching numbers and writing code all day. Shoutout to you if you fit that description, but jobs in technology require whole teams of people with varying skill sets working together to create the electronic tapestry of our (virtual and nonvirtual) lives. As such, it takes all types of…

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