August 2, 2021

Tech-Support Scams Target Millennials More Than Boomers

Boomers are less susceptible to tech-support scams, Microsoft says, because younger people are online for longer periods of time and more often engage in potentially risky online behavior — such as downloading movies and music, sharing their email in exchange for content, or visiting so-called “torrent” sites to download illegally copied video games and other entertainment offerings.

The survey shows that most people ignore — or have no further interaction with — tech-support scammers. But among people who were contacted and kept dealing with the scammers:

  • Millennials, ages 24 to 37, lost money 12 percent of the time.
  • Generation Z, ages 18 to 23, lost money 11 percent of the time.
  • Generation X, ages 38 to 53, lost money 6 percent of the time.
  • Boomers and other older adults, ages 54-plus,…

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