September 19, 2021

Technology giant Olympus hit by BlackMatter ransomware – TechCrunch

Olympus said in a short statement on Sunday that it is “currently investigating potential cybersecurity incidents” affecting computer networks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“As soon as suspicious activity was detected, we mobilized a dedicated response team, including forensic experts. We are currently working to resolve this issue with the highest priority. As part of our investigation, the affected system Suspended data transfer at and notified relevant external partners. ” The statement said..

However, according to those who know the incident, Olympus is recovering from the ransomware attack that began early in the morning of September 8. Before Olympus acknowledged the case on Sunday, he shared the details of the case.

The ransom memo left on the infected computer claimed to be from the BlackMatter ransomware group. It says, “The network is encrypted and is…

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