November 17, 2021

Tennessee lawmakers react to $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure proposal » Scammer News

There’s both praise and disapproval coming from Tennessee congressional lawmakers following the announcement from the White House and a Bi-partisan group of senators that a $1.2 trillion infrastructure framework with how to pay for it was reached .

It was a rare bipartisan Washington deal.

“I certainly like everything we’ve got in it, Memphis is America’s distribution center, and the need for money for airports, for river ports, for roads, bridges tunnel, and broadband is so important for us,” Memphis Rep. Steve Cohen said.

The $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure framework agreement is short of President Joe Biden’s initial request of $2 trillion, but also provides investments in public transit, water infrastructure and electric vehicles.

“It’s a large amount of money $1.2 trillion dollars, it’s bi-partisan which means it could get the votes to get through,” Cohen said.

However, east Tennessee…

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