November 15, 2021
Real Estate

Texans are seizing current opportunities in real estate

FORT WORTH, Texas — Texas gained in excess of 370,000 more new residents in 2020 than in 2019, and increased more than any other state. This year, more people continue to make the journey down to relocate to the Lone Star State. It is no wonder the number of real estate agents who want to seize the big real estate opportunities and sell these newcomers homes is also increasing.

Newly licensed agents, such as Raleigh Green of Fort Worth, are seeing their first listings just go on the market.

“I got my license about six weeks ago,” said Green.

Green wants to make sure everything is good to go for showings to begin soon.

“We actually will help them come in and repaint walls. We’ll redo carpet. We’ll stage a house if needed in order to get the best price for this property,” he said.

In a market like North Texas, he knows time is of the essence, and it could be no time before…

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