November 17, 2021

The all-digital “new” banks that offer advantages over the traditional

In technology circles, we call them fintech companies, consumers might refer to them as upstart or new banks, and business types call them EMI, financial institutions. But these fintech institutions have been around a while. To be a disruptor in fintech in 2021, it’s more of a mindset and approach than providing brand new products or services. We sat down with Daumantas Barauskas, COO of Genome, to learn more.

Was Genome designed as a business financial institution, but now offers personal services? Or the other way round?

Yes, the main goal was based around the business approach, and Genome was designed for companies. We have great fintech experts with broad experience in the business area, particularly business owners who are aware of the specific needs of entrepreneurs. This market has great potential and volumes. Business…

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