August 2, 2021

The anniversary WhatsApp scam is back, now it’s Lulu Hypermarket ‘offering free gifts’!- The New Indian Express

Online Desk

Remember how some of your friends were convinced a few months back that Amazon — founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 — was giving away free gifts through a promotional event to mark their 30th anniversary? By the time they were convinced it was a scam and no Santa Claus was coming with free gadgets, they had already spammed many more over WhatsApp. Although no after-effects were reported, thousands fell prey to the fraud and the forwarding cycle went on for a few days before it eventually died down.

WhatsApp users, be alert! The ‘anniversary’ scam is back in town again. This time it is Lulu Hypermarket that is celebrating its ’20th anniversary’ by giving away freebies. Trusting the logo on the top left of the page, thousands have shared the link over WhatsApp in Kerala alone believing the ‘promotion’ to be real. When contacted by The New Indian Express, a Lulu source confirmed that the hypermarket…

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