October 20, 2021

The award show blast is one of the great things of the last decade — Scam Guards

New arrivalYou can now listen to Fox News articles.

Happy Monday, everyone. They say some pictures are worth a thousand words. Well, this doesn’t shut down the effect.

You remember the dress worn by Liszt’s socialist AOC in the gorgeous Met Gala. There, the master walked around the maskless and the servant impersonated the pulp fiction gimp.

The contrast between the powerful Plebeians and the Plebeians hasn’t been so clear since I attended the Daily Show.

Each ticket costs $ 35 and is a real working class event. It must be a great feeling to wait for the snob that paid your annual salary for a night out.

But the good news – they also think you are full of illness! So you should wear your mask. “Tax the rich” was a maskless face message to the rich white library. They only want what you think they agree with. Therefore, the message was as edgy as “the world’s largest grandpa’s coffee mug.”

But what’s worse, not so…

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