November 15, 2021

The ‘brushing’ scam that’s behind packages you didn’t order

Getting an unsolicited package might seem like a nice problem to have, but it could be a ‘brushing’ scam. (Getty Images)

If you’ve ever received a package you didn’t order from a shopping platform, and nobody owns up to having sent it, you might have been caught up in a ‘brushing’ scam.

While receiving parcels you haven’t paid for might seem like a nice problem to have, it could be you’ve experienced the latest scam technique.

According to Which? this type of fraud involves third-party sellers of online shopping platforms setting up accounts in a stranger’s name, then sending their products to an unsuspecting recipient.

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They then use the account they’ve set up to write fake ‘verified’ reviews in a bid to improve their seller ratings.

But if you’ve received a unsolicited package, it could also mean that your data may have been compromised. 

The campaign group first alerted…

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