July 27, 2021
General News

The changing political dynamics in Afghanistan – Kashmir Reader

A tediously protracted period of twenty longish years of fighting and combat with US-sponsored NATO war on terror is seemingly coming to a grinding halt with US troops withdrawing hurriedly, leaving behind arms and ammunition and a trillion dollar investment in jeopardy. Even though American leaders outwardly don’t appear to be looking comfortable with the present circumstances that have forced them to exit from Bagram airbase near Kabul, which had been the central seat of their air-borne might in the entire region, they are yet busy searching for air bases in the vicinity of Afghanistan for a possible survival in the region.
The US has decided to withdraw from Afghanistan with a strategy to win against the Taliban indirectly: sponsoring and fanning tribal and ethnic war in Afghanistan. But till now this nefarious scheme has met with failure in the face of the US not getting any…

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