November 17, 2021

The charts that matter: the dollar strengthens and Delta worries mount

Welcome back. 

On the cover of this week’s magazine, we’ve got why inflation is here to stay and why it is time to protect your portfolio. Unlike in 2008, widespread money printing and government spending are pushing up prices. But central banks can’t raise interest rates because the world can’t afford it, says John Stepek. 

Meanwhile, our big investment feature this week is how to put a price on big oil majors and how their stock prices are lagging despite a stunning recovery in oil prices to levels seen well before the pandemic. 

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This week’s “Too Embarrassed To Ask” video explains what a “share buyback” is. Share buy backs differ from dividends, and simply involve a company buying back its own shares.  Here’s what it means and why it matters.

And joining Merryn on the podcast this week is…

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