November 15, 2021
General News

The Civilians’ Siting Yang Interrogates Neo-Colonialism in New Play HoD

HoD tackles the question of colonialism from the Chinese point-of-view — the reflexive, interior point-of-view of the neo-colonizer,” playwright Siting Yang explained. In a workshop hosted by the University of Toronto’s Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies, Siting presented a multimedia reading of her latest work, HoD, a docufiction piece that loosely adapts Joseph Conrad’s (in)famous British novella Heart of Darkness. Weaving together literary texts, interviews, and documentary materials, Siting presents the story of Ma Luo who works for a Chinese government-owned company as a pilot selling military aircraft to African governments. Ma Luo’s story is contested, however, throughout the play by Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe, a spectral presence who uses his knowledge and perspective to deliver questions of ethics and history to Ma Luo, forcing him to…

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