July 28, 2021
General News

The complex geopolitics of our times offers us a big opportunity

The geopolitical puzzle that is unfolding is multidimensional and likely to operate at three levels. There are two superpowers (the US and China), traditional powers (G7), emerging players and important states recalcitrant to the traditional powers and moving towards the emerging superpower. As a force, globalization, in the new pandemic lexicon, is mutating. Thus, as Arindam Bhattacharya has shown, global trade is an incorrect barometer of globalization. The term needs to be understood differently, and understanding this new form of globalization requires us to make sense of the complex tapestry of geopolitics today.

While there are areas where global cooperation is possible, the source of the emerging discord is deep for two reasons. The superpowers do not agree on the underlying values on which agreements are built. The principles of governance, the purpose…

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