July 27, 2021

The Day – Poet laureate’s speech inappropriate for swearing-in

Imagine being invited to give a keynote address for your alma mater’s senior class.  The big day comes; students and families file in. You rise to the microphone, but instead of celebrating their accomplishments you belittle them, call them lazy and underachieving.

This is essentially what New London’s poet laureate did at Chief Brian Wright’s swearing-in ceremony July 14. With 200 in attendance, half of them cops, Joshua Brown denigrated us in a disgusting display of grandstanding. He told a story of a teen who recently received his permit and expressed fear for his safety, claiming that he was now in danger of being shot by NLPD merely for “driving while black.”

Brown called all police racist and went so far as to rattle off names of individuals killed by police, disguised as giving the teen advice for driving: “Don’t reach in the glovebox, Philando Castile. Remember to keep…

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