September 17, 2021

The Fed notes a slight slowdown in the US economy due to the delta variant

Washington, Sep 8 (EFE) .- The activity of the United States economy fell at a moderate pace in the last month, mainly due to the impact of the delta variant of the coronavirus on the routines of the country’s inhabitants, according to the report monthly from the Federal Reserve (Fed) published this Wednesday.

The report, known as the “beige book,” which compiles recent information on the country’s economy, stressed that activity “fell slightly at a moderate pace” in most of the districts analyzed by the central bank.

This slowdown was due in large part to a decline in spending on dining, travel and tourism, which, according to the Fed, “reflects security concerns due to the increase in the delta variant” in the United States.

The other sectors of the economy where growth slowed or activity declined were those “constrained by supply disruptions and labor…

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