November 17, 2021

The Gospel of Rebecca Minkoff

The designer Rebecca Minkoff takes issue with the widely accepted image of self-care: the turmeric lattes, the face masks in salt baths, the aromatherapy and massage, as she puts it.

“Work can be self-care, too,” she writes in “Fearless,” a book of business advice she drafted during the pandemic, published last week.

She’s particularly resistant to the notion that self-care can solve burnout — the feeling of acute exhaustion that has gained more attention recently. “There is no scented candle in the world that will make that feeling go away.”

Ms. Minkoff’s authority on burnout and lattes comes from working in fashion for two decades. In 2005, she founded her label with her brother Uri, after designing a purse called the Morning After Bag. The popular carryall became a fixture of countless mid-aughts paparazzi photos, hanging from the spindly forearms of starlets who…

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