September 27, 2021

The Green Economy Provides Many Gig Jobs

The Green Economy Provides Many Gig Jobs
Ever wondered how the shift from fossil fuels to renewable sources will impact the economy? We explore how a green economy works and its impact on jobs, skills, and the future of work.

  • What is the green economy and why is it happening?
  • How will the green economy impact the job market?
  • How can workers prepare for these changes?

Q: What is the green economy?

A: A green economy is an economy built on sustainability and renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels.

To build a healthy and sustainable future of work, we need a healthy and sustainable environment.

That goes for our local communities as well as the global environment.

After all, a sustainable environment is crucial in order to build businesses, create jobs, stimulate growth and enable people to enjoy healthier, happier lives.

As the International Labour Organization puts it, “The world of work needs…

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