November 17, 2021
Real Estate

The housing market is so crazy, this $600,000 ‘horror’ is drawing multiple cash offers

This Realtor is keeping it real. Maybe too real. 

While many listings that describe homes for sale are notorious for spinning cramped, dark spaces as “cozy,” or glossing over other inconvenient truths about a property, a Colorado Springs agent didn’t pull any punches in her roughly $600,000 listing for a “formerly majestic” five-bedroom home that is now “every landlord’s nightmare.” 

It’s covered in obscenity-laced graffiti, and smells like “there’s a dead body in there,” Mimi Foster, a real-estate agent with Falcon Property Company in Colorado, tells MarketWatch.  

Yet her frank listing that describes the damage done to this home in gruesome detail has gone viral since she posted it three days ago. What’s more, Foster has also received multiple offers — many in cash, and above the $592,500 asking price — for the home she…

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