October 20, 2021
General News

The importance of the Gulf in shaping the geopolitics of Afghanistan

The meetings of the “extended troika” this week in Doha, Qatar, are apparently aimed at reversing the current dangerous turn towards anarchy in Afghanistan. The US-Russia-China troika was set up in 2019 at Moscow’s initiative to support the negotiations for a peace settlement between the Afghan government and the Taliban. It has taken an “extended” form with the inclusion of Pakistan this year.

Not everyone is sure if the “extended troika” has the political will to arrest the current military momentum in favour of the Taliban and Pakistan in Afghanistan. China and Russia are supporting Pakistan’s plans to reinstall the Taliban. Washington was indeed aware of the prospects of the Taliban regaining control of Afghanistan after it ended two decades of military presence in Afghanistan.

But President Joe Biden was as keen as his predecessor Donald Trump on…

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