October 20, 2021

The Intersection Of Social Media: Imposter Scams And Fake Influence

As a lawyer and personal branding expert, I spend my days teaching others how to build a powerful digital footprint. I emphasize the importance of being searchable online on Google and using the right keywords to get seen. However, I come across a lot of lawyers and executive clients who despise social media. They reluctantly put up a LinkedIn profile for the purposes of being able to job search or simply to gain access to recruiters but share no desire to engage or post on the platform — and for a very valid reason. The possibility of people stealing their information or photos is terrifying.

I empathize with individuals who are against being present on social media — I will candidly share with them that at times, social media can feel exhausting and “fake.” It can leave us wondering, who are we really engaging with, if it’s anyone at all. While I am substantially…

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