October 20, 2021
General News

The litmus test for Quad’s success

The first-ever in-person Quad summit involving Biden, Modi, Morrison and Suga at the White House is believed to be a defining moment, more so for India on multiple fronts — geo-politics, diplomacy, military, etc. However, it’s the economic partnership among the four nations which will actually decide where Quad will stand a few years down the line.

Apart from an alliance to act as a counter force to China’s rising might in the Indo-Pacific region, the September summit has envisaged cooperation in some of key areas like vaccination, critical technology, education, infrastructure, sustainability, and space.

India — the manufacturing hub of vaccines — stands in the limelight as it has promised to resume vaccine exports from October onwards. Through $3.3 billion in the Covid-19 Crisis Response Emergency Support Loan programme, Japan will continue to help regional countries to…

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