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The Phoenix real estate market is booming. But it’s pricing out some home owners, renters

The average price for a 2-bedroom apartment in Maricopa County has gone from $908 a month in 2015 to $1,281 a month in 2021, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

PHOENIX — When you think about the booming real estate market in the Phoenix area, you think of a bustling market of happy sellers and a flood of nervous buyers. But what about those who aren’t looking to buy or sell a new home? The current market has a consequence many aren’t thinking of.

A consequence felt by Valley resident Kimberly Lyman. She is one of those people being priced out of buying and renting homes due to the current housing market.

“I had a great two bedroom apartment here locally, paying my rent, living life,” she said….

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