October 20, 2021
General News

‘The rank hypocrisy surrounding the Newcastle United takeover’

I have just finished reading the latest nonsense on the Newcastle United takeover.

This one came from the Daily Mail with a headline of: ‘The glamorous financier who brought blood money into the Premier League’

Yes, that’s wor Amanda, whom a certain Ms. Harriet Johnston, Associate Editor, has got her morals in a twist about. As described by the Daily Mail when she joined them in 2019: “Harriet’s areas of interest include women’s lifestyle, real life, fashion, beauty, the royals, food and drink.” Clearly, Ms. Johnston’s journalistic ‘expertise’ and experience in global geo-politics, human rights and the workings of the Premier League is founded on solid footings (joke!).

Now settle down for a little story.

Should it have escaped anyone’s attentions, the Premier League has an ongoing broadcasting deal with a certain beIN Sports. The deal is worth around £5 billion,…

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