October 22, 2021
Real Estate

The Secret to Finding That Off-Market Deal: ‘Be Prepared to Battle’

The owner, Michelle Henkin, had previously had “a very unsatisfying experience working through a Realtor and being kept at arm’s length from the buyer,” she said, and had pulled the house off the market. When Ms. Hankin heard through her friend that the Letowkis had always loved her house, she opened her mind to selling.

She agreed to do a walk-through with Ms. Letowski and an official from the Department of Health and Human Services, to make sure it was suitable for the baby. “We met at the house, and almost immediately got to work figuring out how to make it work for all involved,” she said.

They didn’t use brokers, and Ms. Hankin’s lawyer drew up a contract and helped carve out the terms of the deal. “We made it happen through a really beautiful new friendship that defied the normal timelines and practices of real estate,” Ms. Letowski said.

Then, of course, there…

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