August 2, 2021

The Technological Evolution Of Supercars

Creativity and ingenuity are not enough: nowadays, to produce a supercar you need a real team of experts. The days when only skilled craftsmen were involved seem long gone. But cars are getting faster and faster and, above all, safer. Here’s how production methods have changed and how the supercars of the Motor Valley are born.

An increasingly complex project

There was a time when making supercars was much simpler. There were no extreme technologies, complex regulations, or even marketing. Production was mainly entrusted to craftsmen and good old “elbow grease.” One of the most important figures in this process was the “battilastra,” whose name explains exactly what they did: beat steel. They created the shapes of the car by literally beating the steel plates until the final result was achieved. 

Today, getting a car out of the factory is much more…

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