November 14, 2021

The Weekly Wrap – U.S Labor Market Data Gyrates the Global Financial Markets

The Stats

It was a particularly busy week on the economic calendar, in the week ending 4th June.

A total of 80 stats were monitored, following 41 stats from the week prior.

Of the 80 stats, 48 came in ahead forecasts, with 27 economic indicators coming up short of forecasts. There were 5 stats that were in line with forecasts in the week.

Looking at the numbers, 49 of the stats reflected an upward trend from previous figures. Of the remaining 31 stats, 26 reflected a deterioration from previous.

For the Greenback, economic data from the U.S and FOMC chatter continued to be the main area of focus. In the week ending 4th June, the Dollar Spot Index rose by 0.12% to 90.136. In the previous week, the Dollar had risen by 0.02% to 90.031.

Out of the U.S

It was a quiet start to the week, with the U.S markets closed in recognition of Memorial Day on Monday.

On Tuesday, the ISM Manufacturing PMI rose…

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