June 23, 2021
General News

The world today resembles the Cold War years – but smaller states are becoming evermore powerful

With the pandemic easing in Europe and North America, the world looks ready to return to the geopolitical struggles of recent years.

For around two decades now, the great powers have seemed to be on a collision course. The United States pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002 and from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in 2019, citing their violations by Russia in both cases as the reason. Russia first suspended its membership of the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty in 2007 and later completely abandoned it in 2015. Moscow invaded Ukraine in 2014 and followed Washington in denouncing the Open Skies Treaty.

All three superpowers – the United States, Russia, and China – allocate more and more money to military purposes. In constant dollar terms, their defence budgets grew by 1.6, 2.6 and 5 times since 2001, respectively.

The arms race enters outer space…

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