October 16, 2021

Thieves are angry at his grave

A serious bout of rudeness occurred inside the new municipal cemetery and against the grave of a Sikanese boy who had died at the age of 12 from a serious illness. The girl’s unfortunate mother, 12-year-old Ariana Fagiolo, denounced her grief over the new theft of items that decorated her Christian burial.

In particular, as Mrs. Ariana explained to us, a few days ago, the usual anonymous took a scarf and two emblems from Roma, which the team was a fan of, as well as various paraphernalia always associated with the Giallorossi club. As mentioned, it is not the first time that a Christian’s grave has been targeted by thugs, who do not even respect a sacred place like the cemetery. In recent years, as Ms. Ariana explained to us, thieves have stolen plants from other small items placed in the cemetery.

So much so that a year and a half ago, the mother turned to…

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