November 17, 2021
General News

This Breast Cancer Charity Is the Big New ‘Scam’ in Politics

This October, as Americans mark another Breast Cancer Awareness month, many organizations and advocates are looking for ways to support the cause. But there’s one group donors may want to avoid: The American Breast Cancer Coalition.

Although it sounds like a noble charity, the ABCC is actually a political group—and rather than trying to actually address breast cancer, the ABCC appears to be a scheme to extract millions of dollars in donations, mostly from small contributors.

In recent robocalls, a feminine voice claims the goal of the group’s fundraising is to “support legislators who will fight for the fast track approval of life-saving breast cancer health bills and breast cancer treatment drugs to the FDA.”

But financial records on file with the Internal Revenue Service tell a different story, reviewed in a joint investigation between The Daily Beast and OpenSecrets,…

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