October 20, 2021

This UK startup is developing driverless electric pods to reduce congestion and carbon emissions

68% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas by 2050, putting massive strain on roads and existing public transport networks. In the UK alone, road congestion cost the economy almost £7 billion in 2019, with 65% of its workforce currently commuting by car. This compounds air quality crises in cities worldwide which collectively lead to 4.2 million deaths annually according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). A large proportion of this pollution is caused by road traffic, creating demand for mass transit solutions to reduce congestion.

Conventional mass transit infrastructure projects – such as the £19 billion Crossrail project in London, UK – are disruptive, time consuming and costly, with European rail projects going over budget by 34% on average. These costs can be prohibitive for smaller cities, developers, and businesses, such as airports and…

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