June 18, 2021

Three-Decade Bond Veteran Warns Against Big Bets on Inflation

Isobel Lee has experienced some of the toughest fixed-income markets, from the end of the Cold War to the global financial crisis, and she has two words of advice for those trying to navigate a messy global exit from the pandemic: “Be humble.”

“We’re mindful that this is an unprecedented situation — none of us have ever seen it,” said the London-based head of global government portfolios at Insight Investment, a $1 trillion asset manager. “So we need to be humble and appreciate that your judgment may be wrong.”

Isobel Lee, head of global government portfolios at Insight Investment.

Source: Insight Investment

A year after the pandemic drove the world economy into the deepest downturn in generations, bond investors are trying to understand how expanded monetary stimulus and $20 trillion of global debt will reverberate through the financial system. Some, including HSBC…

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