November 14, 2021

TikTok News Anchor Scam Call

“We are live on television with an investigation…”

Jeanette Reyes — who goes by JR — has been a journalist for nine years. She is currently a full-time anchor in Washington, DC for “Good Day DC.”

In her video — which has over 5 million views — a scammer tries to claim that JR has a warrant out for her arrest and owes over $2,000. She pretends to get ready to pay for the fake fee with a credit card by saying, “It’s 3, 2, 1…Good evening. We are live on television right now with an investigation into scam callers. We have the FBI on the line. They are tracking this phone number as we speak. Sir, what is your full name again?” The man then hangs up.

BuzzFeed spoke to JR, who said she made the video because she has been getting a lot of scam calls lately. “I…

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